8 Must have chrome extensions for web designers in 2022

1. ColorZilla In  my early days as a designer, I really struggled to get the hex codes of some of the colors that I liked from some websites or when I needed to base my website colors based out of the logos provided by clients. What I used to do was trial and error method […]

Why sliders are a bad design idea for a landing page in 2022?

Gone are the times of fancy animations, lottie files and image heavy sliders in websites. In 2022, a simple hero sections with a thoughtful crafted call to action section has proven to be much more effective both in terms of SEO and conversions

What exactly is SEO and why is it so important in 2022 ?

When you are deep into the digital marketing webs pace you would realize that there are many ways to create leads for your business or market your brand reputation online like search engine marketing, PPC ads, Social media marketing, Paid PR content marketing etc.. Eventhough all of those are really great ways to improve your […]