Foresight Design, Thrissur

A bespoke architecture firm focused on the minute details of design



The Client

Meera and Arun, the founder and marketing head of foresight design got in touch with me through a referral from Digital Nishad, a well-known SEO Expert in Kochi. In the latter half of the project development, it was Meera who personally designed the studio and projects page layout which can be seen on the final version of the website.

The Goal

The initial goal of the website was to build an SEO friendly website for the firm’s marketing. Then Meera had a change of perspective on the design and we decided to scratch everything we made so far and built an image heavy website focusing on their portfolio being displayed in high quality images and it was decided to keep the textual content as minimum as possible



The result was a modern, minimalistic and image heavy website with a custom post type developed for displaying their individual project portfolios.

The Projects Page

The Studio Page

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