Gios English – Landing Page

Landing Page for an interactive English language learning platform founded by Mr Geo Sebastian from Cambridge



The Client

Mr. Geo Sebastian, the founder of Gio’s English interactive learning app is a maestro in the language training field in the EU. He is also the inventor of the “Cambridge GPE Method” of English language learning. He is currently residing in Cambridge, London, and got in touch with me through a referral from Jijo Joseph, one of the leading SEO Experts in India.



The Goal

The goal of this website was primarily to create a conversion friendly landing page for the marketing of his mobile application platform. Mr. Geo had this vision of embracing his Cambridge culture into the landing page design, while keeping it simple , sophisticated and more importantly about the advantages and benefits of his learning algorithm implemented in the app.



The final landing page had all the elements included in a beautiful and open flowing design pattern. The Cambridge heritage factor was established through a beautiful aerial image of the Cambridge university campus placed on the hero section, followed by simple brand color based illustrations of the features and key points of gio’s English application.

Google reviews API integration through ELFSIGHT

Client wanted to integrate a live google review API into the landing page for establishing the credibility factor and we achieved it through a premium subscription of elfsight

The brand color themed illustrations - made by our graphic designer

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