Pawz Pet Care, Dubai

A loving place where dogs get the love and care to help them be healthy, happy, safe and pampered.



The Client

Pawz is a cage-free all indoor, climate-controlled facility with fully-trained, 24/7 onsite personnel which offer a full range of fun and personalized products and services to promote your dog’s physical, mental and emotional health and happiness throughout their stay.

The Goal

Client had already designed most of the page herself and wanted us to strictly implement her design pattern into a responsive design, which needs to standout as the representation of what the pets are gonna feel while thay are in the facility and at the same time needs to represent their brand in every possible way.



This was a rather tricky project to work with, the client had most of the designs already planned out , but the thing was, those where only basics designs and she didnt want to implement it just that way, she wanted us to kind of add an “Wow Factor ” to it, but still needed to keep the design exactly as she had envisioned. She wasnt ready to compromise on the color choices for one bit, Some of the color combinations were not optimum in a design stand point, but we still went forward with it as it was specifically requested to be done so

The color changing section

Client wanted individual service listings in service section of the homepage to lit up in the respective brand colors assigned for those services on mouse hover

Services Page

Service page background was also color coded as per the branding instructions from client

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