Sreebhadra College, Alappuzha

A marketing website for a leading paramedical college in Alappuzha, Kerala



The Client

The marketing team of Sreebhadra college contacted me through a referral from one of my previous clients. Mr. Krishna Kumar , the Cheif Marketing Officer had a clear vision of what they wanted from the website. We had a few meetings over skype and a few design drafts were made based on those discussions. The design was finalised on the Fourth draft and the whole team was a joy to work with.

The Goal

The old website had an outdated design, old content with no option to update, and a nonfunctioning online admission form. Their marketing team wanted a website that would aid them in increasing traffic, as well as conversion and also would last for a few years. They had some focus keywords in mind (eg: Paramedical Courses in Kayamkulam, Alappuzha) and a requirement to rank high on Google SERP for those keywords.
full page screenshot of sreebhadra college website designed by nikhil soman



The final website had above 15+ static pages built with elementor pro and two dynamic post types for courses and news sections respectively. The courses post type was developed with categories and subcategories for each course streams. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Elementor pro was used to make the dynamic post structures based on the design. There was an online admission form integrated into a dedicated page and it was built using a combination of elementor pro form tool and custom made html message body for easy collection and integration of student data.

The Course Page - Dynamic Template

The Online Admission Form

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